A mission to Honduras enables the traveler to experience a unique Hispanic culture and enjoy using their skills and abilities to affect an impoverished nation.

Travels to Honduras have been part of the mission of Life Givers for over 10 years. Since 2002, teams have been engaged in ministry with churches, crusades, construction, and medical missions. We join with many Honduran locals to provide care to many impoverished villages in need of medical and dental services. We work with Dr. Rossany Escalante and the medical university in San Pedro Sula and take students into strategic areas to gain experience in delivering medical care.

In February 2013, the team will fly into San Pedro Sula, Honduras and experience a variety of mission experiences during the week of travels. The team will host five medical brigades among poor communities, visit the Myan Indian Ruins in Copan, speak in churches, and teach pastors and leaders in the ongoing Bible school training.