PASSPORT: A current passport is required for each team members traveling to other nations. Passport information is available through the U.S. Department of State at If a visa is necessary, it will be communicated in enough time to secure the documents prior to travel. A travel visa is not necessary for travel to Honduras.

IMMUNIZATIONS: It is suggested that all travelers inquire as to the appropriate immunizations necessary for the location destination. Immunizations are important for the health and safety of travelers and may be obtained through local public health facilities.

CULTURAL COMPETENCE: When traveling to a foreign nation, it is wise to investigate the unique cultural norms and how travelers should conduct themselves. As part of the orientation of a LifeGivers mission trip, cultural relevance will be discussed to help with acclimation into the culture to avoid insensitive actions or behavior.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance is provided for each team member during working mission trips, and is provided as a component of the price for the trip.

SAMPLE ITINERARY: An itinerary will be posted on the website as to activities planned each day. By becoming familiar with the schedule, the traveler should be aware what is expected and what to bring to enhance their experience on the trip.

MONEY: Travelers may want to bring around $100-$150 dollars for souvenirs and personal purchases while on the mission trip. Monies will be exchanged into the local currency upon arrival.