Medical Assistance and Public Health Awareness

  • We provide: Medical missions opportunities for health care providers (medical doctors, dentists, nurses, and support personnel)
  • -Health care for the poor
  • -Needed medical supplies
  • -Education for health promotion and disease prevention
  • -Training for local health care providers


Serving  Church Leadership

  • Providing: -Relevant training for pastors, leaders and missionaries
  • -Ministry resources
  • -Support and encouragement for weary and wounded leaders and their families
  • -Temporary and long term assistance to churches


Missionary Training

  • Providing: -Missionary opportunities for both short term and long term commitments
  • – Opportunities for people to utilize their skills and expertise in missions
  • – Initial and ongoing training for present and future missionaries


Humanitarian Aid

  • Providing: -Food, clothing, shelter and personal items for those in need
  • – Care for orphans and widows
  • – Training and skills development


 Social Justice

  • -Collaborating with governments on public policy
  • -Training organizational leaders and communities in awareness
  • -Empowering individuals to recognize, engage, and alleviate local atrocities


Construction Assistance

  • Providing: -Assistance in building and expanding new and existing church facilities
  • -Housing for missionaries
  • -Medical facilities in areas of great need
  • -Buildings for orphans, widows, and feeding centers