Opportunities are open around the world for humanitarian aid workers and missionaries to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in under-served areas. We want to help get these people out on the field! We know that this presents many new challenges as people are confronted with adapting to new cultures, adjusting to new family life, and even simple logistics of handling non-profit accounting. So we offer both personal, spiritual, and professional support to our teams.

Through our non-profit organization, we offer support in the following areas:

  • manage financial contributions under our 501c3 organization, so that donors are able to receive tax credit for their donations. 
  • apostolic covering
  • ministry oversight
  • administrative support
  • personal support
  • mentorship & training

Learn more about becoming a lifegiver. We are excited about this new adventure to help further extend the hands, feet and voice of our Father into the uttermost parts of the earth to share His love and compassion to those He has His eye on.


Current Long-Term LifeGivers:



United States: