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  Jamie is a registered nurse serving at Hidden Treasures Home in Fuzhou, China. She moved to China in 2011 where she is fulfilling a long term commitment. Hidden Treasures houses 58 children with special medical needs. Their diagnoses and ages vary, but some have cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, blindness, Down’s syndrome, autism, and other developmental disabilities. The children are brought into the Hidden Treasures family and loved, sometimes all the way into heaven. But always cared for with respect and given honor in life and death.

        Before moving to China, Jamie worked at Special Kids, a pediatric rehab facility in Murfreesboro, TN. for 13 years, also taking care of children with special needs. Father has put a deep love in her heart for children with special needs. She gained valuable experience the years she worked at Special Kids, which helped to prepare her for her time at Hidden Treasures Home.



Here are some photos from Jamie in China: