Human Trafficking Awareness

Over 800,000 victims are involved in human trafficking and the sex tourism industry. The facts remain that human/sex trafficking has become a significant concern for the health and well being of individuals, primarily women and children on a global scale. Awareness workshops are one way to alert community members of the severity of the problem and how to help. Brenda Jones has been a member of the Greater Chattanooga Coalition Against Human Trafficking (GCCAHT) since 2010 and served on the Executive Committee to help establish the mission, vision, and values of the local coalition. Brenda has conducted awareness seminars both in the United States and Honduras. She is available for human trafficking awareness presentations and may be contacted at

Pastors and Leaders Ministry Training

Curriculum developed by the International School of Ministry (ISOM) is being used to train pastors and leaders in Honduras and China. A complete training curriculum, including a facilitator’s guide, workbooks, group discussions, homework assignments and tests are being used without denominational ties. This two-to-three-year program is sponsored by Good Shepherd Ministries and is a five-semester course equipping developing nations in the gospel, evangelism, healing, and many other topics to prepare for poor in nations with a clear focus in ministry. The Bible training school is structured with video presentations in English and translated in the native language, Spanish and Mandarin specifically for our targeted countries. Worldwide, there are over 15,000 training sites in 142 countries and over 70 languages that are focused on relevant tools to disciple people and train leaders.

The LifeGate Program

The pilot program is being launched in partnership with Iris Global in Pemba, Mozambique in June 2014 to train pastors and leaders attending the Bible College on the Iris-Pemba base. The Training of Trainers team will be working with impoverished communities that are underserved in public health services to help establish trained workers who are equipped to address four major areas of health promotion and prevention of disease: (1) clean water; (2) sanitation; (3) maternal-child health issues; and, (4) sexual health. Read more about the innovative program on The LifeGate Project page.